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  • Bozcaada Vineyard Route

    A Long-Lived Tradition Casting Light on Its Mysteries

    Bozcaada is a part of heaven on earth, an island on the Aegean, famous for its delicate wines, culinary treasures, and lovely, sunny, and windy weather. With its unique architecture, white houses, and delicacies, Bozcaada inspires visitors to discover more.

    Located in the north Aegean Sea, Bozcaada – known as Tenedos in     ancient times – the island has a 3,000-year-old viniculture legacy that   reaches our days. The evidence of this long legacy can be found in the grapes depicted on Tenedos coins minted in the 5th century BC, and   written sources from Homer’s Iliad to the Book of Travels by 17th-century Ottoman   explorer Evliya Çelebi. The northern winds gifted by Mother Nature have made this small island perfect for vine cultivation.

    There are four endemic types of grape here: Kuntra and Karalahna for red, and Çavuş and Vasilaki for white. Mostly a table grape, Çavuş is the prime example of how good Bozcaada grapes can get. Although Bozcaada is a small island, you will find several wineries on the Bozcaada Vineyard Route, and visitors also could taste homemade wines.

    In addition to the indigenous grape varieties Kuntra, Karalahna, Çavuş, and Vasilaki, the region also cultivates Papazkarası, Karasakız, Gamay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Cinsault.

    Today, the wine producers on Bozcaada make balanced and well-defined wines by taking full advantage of these magical lands. Local grape harvest festivals are witnesses to the tradition where islanders and wine enthusiasts celebrate the yearly harvest. Wine aficionados hop on tractors and make their way to the vineyards. Here, fresh grapes are harvested and brought back to the island square in large baskets on horses, donkeys, and mini tractors called "pırpır”- just like it has been done for many years.

    Besides its magnificent vineyards, Bozcaada offers beautiful scenery the whole year-round. As you arrive at the island, you are greeted by the Castle overlooking the harbor. You can wander down the narrow streets between beautiful and colorful houses, taste local almond cookies and lavender flavored ice cream. Thyme is also found in abundance on the island, and local berries and fruits are used to make colorful jams served at breakfast time. Bozcaada is definitely a magical island and makes for a memorable and   extraordinary holiday. Enjoy visits to the Bozcaada Museum, the Ayazma Monastery and the Church of Mother Mary go on a journey through the   island's history. Polente Lighthouse at the western tip of the island is the right spot for an unforgettable sunset.

    • Streets of Bozcaada
    • Polente Lighthouse to watch the sunset
    • Bozcaada Castle
    • Bozcaada Museum
    • Art galleries
    • Amazing panoramic view at Göztepe
    • Bozcaada Ayazma Monastery
    • Church of the Virgin Mary
    • Windmills
    • Tomato jam
    • Mastic cookies with almonds
    • Red poppy syrup
    • Sour grape syrup
    • Lavender ice cream
    • Fresh and juicy local grapes
    • Yaprak sarma (stuffed vine leaves with a mixture of rice, spices, and onion cooked in olive oil)
    • Fresh island air
    • Turkish coffee under an old plane tree
    • Coves of Ayazma, Tuzburnu, Habbele, and Akvaryum
    • Golden sands of Ayazma Beach
    • Bozcaada Jazz Festival
    • Dancing sound of the wind