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  • Vineyard GoTürkiye

    Discover One of the Oldest Viticulture Destinations in the World!

    Türkiye has long been regarded as the homeland of viticulture and the earliest wine culture in the world. Archaeological evidence positions the origin of the domestication of grape seeds and viticulture to southeastern Anatolia sometime between 8500 and 5000 BC.

    A journey through Türkiye will dazzle you with up to 1,200 indigenous grape varieties, of which 60 are commercially produced. The temperate climatic conditions, the diverse ecosystems, and the country’s unique location between continents put Türkiye at the heart of the “Grand Terrain.”  

    The first traces of winemaking can be found in the oldest civilizations of Anatolia, the Hattians and the Hittites. Today, this rich heritage is continued by the next generation of winemakers as the country's vintages have grown in both prestige and popularity in recent years.

    Explore Türkiye’s vast history, terroir, and grapes, which come together to form an exceptionally rich wine culture.